Paver roller

Paver roller

Contractors or construction businesses always trust HMS when it comes to buying a high-efficient paver roller machine under the budget. The machine comes equipped with different controls, and using this, you can easily create complex configurations on-site. Besides, the operator can easily control the speed at which the roller moves forward. Our paver roller is quite popular for offering different advantages. The model is designed and developed specifically for continuous construction that will be durable as well as attractive. Besides, with this machine, the surface precision will be very high. We are well-known for offering high-grad machines at the best prices.

What Do You Mean By A Paver Roller?

A paver roller is a machine that is widely used for paving construction projects where concrete is applied to a continuously moving process. HMS’ paver roller machine is easy to use, and we have specially designed the machine for construction works. The machine produces 48 Hz to 60 Hz of vibratory frequency and can cover 5.6m in a minute. With a maximum power consumption capacity of 25.7 kw, this machine uses less energy. Get it now.

Some Reasons to Choose Hutaib Machinery For Paver Roller?

Leveraging our years of experience and extensive market knowledge, HMS offers the best quality paver rollers. It is highly demanded in construction as well as maintenance operations on the ground or roads. This paver roller has gained great value among our customers for its excellent quality and amazing durability. This hi-tech paver roller offers smooth performance. Besides, the machine is also credited for its easy handling and sturdiness. Contact us now to get your free quote.

Frequently Asked Question

One of the major advantages of using a paver roller is you can automate all the operations. Besides, surface precision will also be very high. Paving a large area will be faster and easy with this machine.
A paver roller is used to compact coarse soil, and you can use it for subbase and subgrade road construction projects. Using this, you can attain attractive and durable construction. For the best paver roller, you can trust HMS.
The machine is easy to use. All you need is to feed the concrete and set the vibration frequency. The machine will handle the rest of the task. For better results, you need to set the speed of the machine.